What Sets Us Apart

You might be wondering what's different about our pork and beef, versus grocery store, also known as "conventionally raised" meat. We're glad you asked--there are two big differences.
All of our animals are grass-fed, pasture raised, and beyond organic: They are never given antibiotics or growth hormones. Our cattle graze freely, eating only their intended natural diet of grass and other tasty forages. Our pastured hogs also enjoy a free range life, with small amounts of supplemental custom-mixed feed, designed with the hogs' and our health in mind. Our feed is never GMO (genetically modified organism), and is always soy-free. Contrast this to conventional methods, where steers are finished on massive feedlot confinement operations, and hogs spend their lives in overcrowded indoor facilities. In both cases the diet is unnatural, the conditions are filthy, antibiotics are aplenty, and the result is sub-standard meat.
And raised locally:
This is "farm to table" at its very best. Having your food grown so close to home allows you to personally know how and where your food has been raised. You can take comfort knowing that you are an informed consumer and are consciously choosing what is best for you and your family We encourage visitors to come for a tour, enjoy the land, and learn how farming used to be--how it's sustainable, kind to the animals, and at the end of the day, the precursor to some downright good food.

Give us a jingle and we'll introduce you to the fold.

Beyond Organic
Here at the ranch, we don't use chemical fertilizers, GMOs (genetically modified organisms), soy products, antibiotics, or hormones. These synthetics contradict our plan for the health of the land, the animals, and our consumers. We work to create a system where natural processes keep everything in check--instead of dumping chemicals into the mix of things, we have nature working around the clock to keep problems at bay.
Our practices are aligned with an organic certification, but promise so much more. For example, you may purchase 100% organic beef at your local supermarket, perhaps unaware that it has likely been raised in a feedlot on concentrated (but organic) grain feed. There was a time when the organic movement ensured a more holistically-raised product, but today it is limiting and leaves out some of the most important aspects of raising healthy animals: feeding them a natural diet, and using rotational grazing models.

The good news about our farm is that we are both pasture-raised and unofficially organic (not government sanctioned, but with all the goodness of organic). This promises the best of health for the animal and in turn, you.