Heritage Berkshire pigs are raised on pasture and in forest with a custom non-soy, non-gmo feed ration. Completely hormone & antibiotic free, our pigs spend their entire lives on our pastures and woods. 
No Nitrates/Nitrites. Natural seasonings.

Our products are typically distributed via pick-up 7 days a week at our home and ranch office, located between Warrendale and Cranberry communities at 710 Maitland Court, Marshall Township, Pennsylvania.

We also offer delivery in Aspinwall, Squirrel Hill and Lawrenceville on Fridays.

To Order:  

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Email us directly to place an order: Be specific with the type and quantity of cuts you are interested in. We will confirm your order via email with the actual quantity available within 24 hours.  

All packs are approximately 1 lb.  All quantities are limited.

Sausage Links, Rope & Ground

Regular Sausage
Ground $7.50/lb
Breakfast Links $9/lb
Seasoned with salt and pepper, our ground sausage is a great base for all ground pork recipes.

Sweet Italian
Ground $7.50/lb
Rope Style $9/lb
Seasoned with salt, paprika, fennel, black pepper, sugar

Hot Italian
Ground $7.50/lb
Rope Style $9/lb
Seasoned with salt, red pepper. paprika, fennel

Pork Belly $9/lb
Whole rolled, 7-14 lbs each

Pork Trotters $4/lb
Whole rolled, 7-14 lbs each

Offal (organ Meat) $9/lb

Liver $6/lb

Kidney $6/lb

Heart $6/lb

Tail $6/lb