Thursday, May 4, 2017

Announcing: North Woods Ranch is Moooving On!

Our fresh-air loving, beautiful bovines, and dirt-nosed porkers have outgrown our pastures.

And when a cattle herd's diet consists only of grasses, and you raise pigs with space to freely live outdoors, this is a big deal!

We scratched our heads and looked at our options.  Stay small . . . find new land?

Then, we had an opportunity to sell our herds to two pasture-based farms.  This was awesome.

We're excited about this change!

First:  We found our animals homes with caring farmers on expansive natural grasses, and woodlots where they can live in a healthy and humane environment. 

Second: Our amazing customers can still get amazing Pork, Beef and Chicken!

We have plenty of pork inventory.  Order now while we have it!

Plus, you can still get 100% grass-fed beef locally!
Our cattle are now in wonderful hands at Pittsburgher Highland Farm, on rolling, beautiful pastures just North of Kittanning.

Let us introduce our friends at Pittsburgher Highland Farm

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Dana and Mark will be at the following farmers markets too!

Wed, 3-6 pm, starting June 14th

Sat., 9-1 pm, Starting May 20

Dana O'Conner and Mark Smith

Where did the pigs go, you ask?
Our pigs went to a pasture-based, family farm called North Mountain Pastures.  They run a great operation in Central Pennsylvania.  Learn about our pigs' new home 

Grateful to You 

We are sincerely thankful for your many years of support. Our countless positive experiences with committed customers like you have forever touched our hearts.  Thank you, we will miss you.

Oliver and I feel so fortunate to have had the experience of providing honest food to our community while raising hundreds of beautiful animals in the best environment possible.  We're proud of this important work and will always look back fondly at this special times in our lives.  

We are excited for our next journey!  We have 3 teenagers and many adventures ahead of us. We will enjoy the freedom to take new paths in the pursuit of life's many joys.

The Griswold Family