Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Video: Calf Meets Round Bale

We’re in round bale season here at the Ranch--we give the cows about a bale a day.
Full Load 'o Hay

This hay ration helps the herd transition from the leafy, green forage they’ve had this spring/summer/fall, and lets their systems acclimate to the hay that will constitute most of their diet this winter. It also allows us to stay out on pasture longer before heading in to the winter paddock area.  Though Highlands are obviously primed for winter foraging, and can graze pasture through feet of snow, we supplement with plenty of hay to make sure that the “lean months” aren’t actually lean for our herd. Plus, the herd loves it...in more ways than one.  Check out this video with one of our youngest calves, Mocha, as she gets her ya-ya’s out pasture style.

Mocha Calf Plays in the Hay