Monday, November 14, 2011

Let Them Eat Pumpkins

The day after Halloween (eager? no doubt), we started gleaning leftover pumpkins from our friends at Shenot's, a nearby farm with sustainable practices to boot.  We've been carting them by the trailer load to all our critters, and while the pigs certainly love 'em, it seems the cows can't get enough.  We've been trying out different healthy treats with them, and so far pumpkins are the clear winner--they like 'em more than alfalfa hay, kelp granules, carrots, or apples.  We've even had a blast hand-feeding the pumpkins to them--very cool to have such a huge head eating out of your hand.

Bellina (the black coat) is one of our more curious cows, especially when treats are involved.
Here she is taking some right from Lauren's hand.

It doesn't hurt that pumpkin seeds are actually great natural de-wormers, too!  Or that after everyone's done eating them, some of those seeds will be left in convenient fertilizer pockets (manure) around the pasture, and will give way to our own smattering of pumpkins next fall!