Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Our first time berkshire mama pig farrowed a full litter of eleven piglets!

hours old piglets nurse

mama's well earned rest

space for everyone, barely...

It is quite amazing to see these little critters who are dwarfed by their mom (now a 450lbs+ sow). They are full of energy and inquisitive and go from full speed to fast asleep in the blink of an eye. It takes a while to figure out just how many piglets there are as they all pile on top of each other in a world of piglet snuggliness:


Mama had 6 gilts (girls) and 5 boars (boys). While they are small today at around 3 lbs each, they will rapidly grow and reach ~250 lbs in 8 months time!

This video taken scant hours after the last piglet was birthed gives you a sense of their world and our hushed excitement of the moment:

For more photos and videos of these magical first hours and days please head to our Mama Pig album


three little pigs