Saturday, September 17, 2011

A Cow and her Moon

Archive Post: March 3rd, 2011

Trey, Meg 'n I headed up to feed the piggies and noticed Miss Bellina rather peculiarly straddling a fallen tree: 

Bellina stuck on fallen tree!

Patiently waiting for assistance

She was good 'n stuck! How she got there we don't know but it would seem her self-confidence in the high jump exceeded her reach...

After trying to coax her off the tree we retrieved the ax (used to chop ice from the water troughs) and proceeded to chop her out: 

Rancher Ollie chops to free Bellina

Wood chips coating Bellina's coat
At least there isn't a horse in this shot!
The thwacking and flying wood chips didn't faze Bellina

Once the tree was cut Bellina was able to amble out; a bit stiff legged but otherwise okay. Jake 'n Honey came down to see that she was okay as did Wookerina & Java: 

Youngins Wookerina & Java welcome Bellina back to the fold

Throughout the whole ordeal Bellina was completely calm and seemed to understand that we were helping her even whilst being pelted by flying wood chips from the ax. Hopefully she'll take the long way 'round hence forth!